Cancer Screening Questions and Answers

Cancer Screening Questions and Answers
Cancer Screening Questions and Answers

Connect with our clinic or keep reading to learn more about cancer screenings at Family First Medical Group.

What are some of the common signs of cancer?

The signs and symptoms of cancer can vary greatly depending on the form of cancer. However, there are some general signs and symptoms commonly associated with cancer but aren’t necessarily specific to cancer.

Some signs and symptoms can be:

● A lump or thickening the person can feel under the skin
● Unexplained weight loss or gain
● Unexplained bruising or bleeding
● Unexplained and constant joint or muscle pain
● Unexplained and constant fevers or night sweats
● Skin changes, like yellowing, darkening, or redness, changes to existing moles, or sores that don’t heal
● Changes in bowel or bladder habits
● Constant cough, hoarseness, or trouble breathing or swallowing
● Constant indigestion or discomfort after eating
● Fatigue

If you don’t have signs or symptoms, you might still want to consider a regular cancer screening.

Who should get a cancer screening?

Anybody can get a cancer screening, however there are certain factors that may make a regular screening more necessary for you than others, such as:

  • Age – Adults and seniors may be at a higher risk of developing cancer
  • Family history – Some cancers can be inherited
  • Environmental factors – Like secondhand smoke or chemicals in your home or workplace
  • Health issues – Some chronic conditions, like ulcerative colitis, can increase the risk
  • Lifestyle – People may be at a higher risk if they smoke at all, drink more than one alcoholic beverage a day, get excessive sun exposure, have unsafe sex, or are obese

If a person is at a higher risk of getting cancer it is important to have regular screenings.

Why are regular cancer screenings important for some people?

Cancer is serious, and some forms of cancers are very common such as breast cancer and lung cancer. It is important to go for screenings because these exams can catch cancer in its earliest stages when there is a better chance of recovery.

Is there a general cancer screening test?

Sometimes, a simple physical exam can help a professional screen for cancer, but there are specific kinds of screens for specific kinds of cancer. Some examples are breast cancer screens, cervical cancer screens, colon cancer screens, screens for prostate cancer, and screens for lung cancer.

Where can I get a cancer screening?

You can get a cancer screening here at Family First Medical Group! We serve patients of any age, so call our clinic today and we’d be happy to speak with you and provide any screening you or a loved one may need.

We hope to hear from you soon! We serve patients from Evergreen Park IL, Mokena IL, Hickory Hills IL, Oak Lawn IL, Chicago Ridge IL, Bridgeview IL, Bedford Park IL as well as many other areas in the Chicagoland Region.