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Family Care Physician Questions and Answers

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Family Care Physician Q & A - Family First Medical Group in Illinois
Family Care Physician Q & A - Family First Medical Group in Illinois

Table of Contents:

What does a family physician do?
What is the difference between a family care doctor and internal medicine?
What does a primary care physician do?

What does a family physician do?

Family physicians specialize in providing thorough medical care for the entire family, from pediatric to geriatric care. When you have a family physician, they function as your go-to medical professional for all of your healthcare needs and concerns. Whether you require a diagnosis, prescription medication, treatment for a minor condition, injury, or illness, lab work, or a referral to see a specialist, a family physician can help meet those needs. Family physicians also conduct annual physical exams for their patients to monitor their overall health and catch any potential conditions or illnesses early on before they negatively impact your well-being.

At Family First Medical Group, our family physicians provide the following services:

Chronic disease management
– Anticoagulant management
– Anxiety and depression
– Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
– Asthma
– Diabetes
– Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
– Heart failure
– Hyperlipidemia
– Hypertension
– Osteoarthritis

In-office procedures
– Cryotherapy of skin lesions
– Incision and drainage for abscesses and cysts
– Joint injections
– Skin biopsies

Pediatric care
– Asthma
– Developmental screening
– Minor injuries
– Rashes and skin infections
– Sports physicals
– Upper respiratory infections
– Well-child visits

Preventative care
– Cancer screening
– Immunizations
– Laboratory tests
– Nutrition and weight counseling

Women’s health services
– Gynecology services
– /Midwifery services
– Obstetrics
– Urogynecology

What is the difference between a family care doctor and internal medicine?

The primary difference between a family care doctor and an internal medicine doctor concerns the patients they see. Whereas a family care doctor provides medical to the whole family, internal medicine doctors provide medical care primarily to adults. Before becoming a family care doctor, physicians specializing in family medicine must complete a three-year residency program that includes training in emergency medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, geriatric care, internal medicine, pediatric medicine, and more. Likewise, an internal medicine doctor must also complete a three-year residency program with training in dermatology, endocrinology, general medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and rheumatology.

What does a primary care physician do?

Primary care physicians (PCPs) form the branches of internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatric medicine. Consequently, the duties of any primary care physician are similar to a family care doctor, in that they function as the go-to medical professional for any of their patients’ healthcare needs, whether that involves writing prescriptions, referrals to see specialists, medical treatment, or any other primary care medical service. Having a primary care physician is highly advantageous to your long-term health, as the medical relationship built between you and your PCP will provide them with an intimate knowledge of your unique healthcare needs. This intimate knowledge will further enable them to have greater insight into what is expected and what is irregular concerning your health, and what treatments you will likely respond best to.

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