Minor Injuries

Minor Injuries Treatment Questions and Answers

Minor Injuries Treatment Near Me in Evergreen Park IL and Mokena IL
Minor Injuries Treatment Near Me in Evergreen Park IL and Mokena IL

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What is the best treatment for a soft tissue injury? 
Which four types of injuries are classified as minor?
What is the treatment for minor sports injuries?

Minor injuries can be painful and annoying, but they’re not life-threatening, and don’t affect your mobility or long-term survival. Whether you have twisted your ankle, accidentally cut yourself or have a nagging pain, such minor injuries are common, and can often leave you feeling unsure as to whether you should seek medical attention or if home care will suffice.

You should, however, seek medical care for any minor injury that is causing you pain or concern.

What is the best treatment for a soft tissue injury? 

The best treatment for a soft tissue injury depends on the severity of the injury and the type of soft tissue that has been damaged. Soft tissue injuries include burns, sprains, strains, contusions (bruises), stress injuries, tendonitis or bursitis, and can range from mild to moderate to severe.

In general, treatment for any soft tissue injury involves rest, ice, compression, and elevation, otherwise known as the RICE method of treatment, in addition to anti-inflammatory medications.

Rest: immediately after an injury, the most important thing to do is to stop whatever activity caused the injury. After the injury is cared for, whether that involves medical attention or not, it is important to make sure the injured area is given plenty of rest so it can heal properly. You should decrease activity with the injured limb or body part and refrain from putting weight on it until it has healed sufficiently. Follow your doctor’s guidance to ensure a successful recovery and to prevent further injury.

Ice: applying ice or a cold pack to the injured limb or body part can reduce pain and inflammation.

Compression: Light compression around the injured area allows for some swelling and can also reduce inflammation.

Elevation: lifting and holding the limb or injured body part above the heart for an extended time period can reduce inflammation and drain excess fluid from the injury site.

Mild soft tissue injuries are often treated successfully this way. In contrast, moderate soft tissue injuries tend to require some form of immobilization or further protection, while severe soft tissue injuries require the same treatment as the mild and moderate and may even require surgery.

Which four types of injuries are classified as minor?

Injuries that are classified as minor can involve any of the following:

– Burns with only superficial redness and that are no larger than three inches or eight centimeters in diameter
– Fractures where the bone is only partially broken, also known as an incomplete fracture
– Sprains or strains where the ligament, muscle, or tendon is stretched but not torn
– Shallow abrasions, cuts, or lacerations with clean edges and a small amount of blood

While there are numerous examples of minor injuries, the four minor injuries listed above account for the majority of them.

What is the treatment for minor sports injuries?

As with any minor soft tissue injury, the treatment for minor sports injuries begins with the RICE method (see above). In addition, other treatment options for a minor sports injury could include bracing or support for the injured body part, modifications to athletic performance, and anti-inflammatory medication.

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