Skin Biopsies in Mokena, IL

Skin Biopsies in Mokena, IL
Skin Biopsies in Mokena, IL

At Family First Medical Group we like to give our patients a good understanding of what to expect at their appointment. That is why we’ve prepared some questions and answers about skin biopsies. Keep reading to learn more about them.

What are skin biopsies?

A skin biopsy is a simple, painless procedure that removes and tests a small sample of skin. The sample is tested to check whether a patient has a skin condition like an infection.

There are a few different kinds of skin biopsies, and each is typically really easy for the patient because anesthetic is used beforehand. One kind of skin biopsy is the shave biopsy, and it’s the easiest kind. With a shave biopsy, a medical professional uses a tool like a very fine razor to remove a small part of the top layers of the skin. There’s also the punch biopsy, and with this kind of biopsy, a professional uses a circular tool to remove a small part of the skin, including deeper layers. Finally, there’s the excisional biopsy which isn’t as common and may have to be done by a surgeon.

Who should get a skin biopsy?

You might get a skin biopsy if a medical professional wants to check whether you have a skin condition. You might also get a skin biopsy to remove a skin lesion.

Some of the common conditions a skin biopsy can help with are:

  • Skin tags
  • Warts
  • Some skin infections
  • Inflammatory skin conditions, like dermatitis or psoriasis
  • Some skin cancers, like melanoma
  • Suspicious growths, like certain moles
  • Certain blistering skin disorders

If you have a different skin problem and aren’t sure whether a skin biopsy could help, you can contact a medical professional about it.

What can I expect from a skin biopsy?

Typically, skin biopsies are pretty simple, pain-free, and really easy, so they’re nothing to be concerned about.

Before your procedure, you might be asked to change into a medical gown just to help the medical professional perform the procedure. After, the professional will clean the biopsy area, and after that, the professional may mark the area with a marking pen to outline the area. Then, the professional will give you a local anesthetic to numb the biopsy area. This is typically done via injection with a thin needle. Once you’re numb in the biopsy area, the professional will proceed with the biopsy, and you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

If your procedure is a shave biopsy, the professional will use a fine double-edged razor or a similar tool and remove a very small part of the top layers of the skin. There shouldn’t be any pain. With a punch biopsy, a circular tool is used, and a small part of the skin, including deeper layers, will be removed. Again, there shouldn’t be pain or discomfort. You might need stitches after a punch biopsy, but that’s it. The excisional biopsy is somewhat similar to the punch biopsy. Each procedure takes about 15 minutes, then you’ll heal up at home.

How long do skin biopsy results take?

This can depend on the condition being tested for and other factors, but typically, the results are provided within several days or a couple weeks. When you come see us at Family First Medical Group, we can give you a better idea of what to expect from the procedure and when you can expect your results.

Where can I get a skin biopsy near me?

You can have a skin biopsy here at Family First Medical Group, we’d be happy to serve you!