Well Child Visits Questions and Answers

Well Child Visits Near Me in Evergreen Park, IL and Mokena, IL
Well Child Visits Near Me in Evergreen Park, IL and Mokena, IL

What is a well child care visit?

Well child visits are a part of a family’s ability to review your child’s growth after birth. Parents can check up on their child’s health and make sure they are growing and developing normally. Well child visits usually start a few days after your child is born and continue until they turn 18.

What are the benefits of a regular well child visit/check up?

Helping your child live a long happy and healthy life also includes yearly checkups which are crucial to monitoring the child’s development.

Bringing your child in for regular exams can help the doctors to understand what is normal for your child, so when an unexpected illness occurs, it can be diagnosed easily and early on.

Yearly check ups offer a wide range of benefits that include protecting your child from illnesses, spotting developmental problems early on, and tracking your child’s growth. During well child visits, parents have the opportunity to talk to their child’s doctor about their child’s eating habits, sleep patterns and more so they can get any tips or feedback from the doctors to help improve their child’s daily routine. Annual checkups for your child are an essential preventative medical part of the child’s life that parents should make a point to never miss.

What is the purpose of well child visits?

As your child grows, it is beneficial and important for your child’s doctor to monitor their overall health. With regular well child visits, also known to many as well child check ups or annual physicals, it helps to detect and address any health concerns your child may be facing. As well, it helps to ensure your child’s growth and development is on the right track. Well-child visits are also a good way for your children as well as yourself to build a relationship with the doctor.

During a well child visit, you can expect the appointment to include the following:

  • Update to the child’s medical history to include height, weight, blood pressure and other vital functions
  • Physical exam
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Any questions about your child’s eating, exercising and sleep habits
  • Discussion about your child’s mental health as well as emotional health

As well, this is a great time to ask about any vaccinations and immunizations your child may need to stay up-to-date.

To help make scheduling your child’s checkups, we have an easy-to-follow schedule for your kid’s general health exams.

Babies should be seen by your pediatrician or family doctor at least 3-5 days after birth, then at months 1,2,4,6,9 and 12. Thereafter, your toddler should be seen around the 15,18,24 and 30-month mark. Finally, by the time your child is 3 years old, they should be coming at least once a year for their annual well child visit.

What are the components of a well child visit? 

When you bring your child to Family First Medical Group, a well child visit with your doctor will include:

  • Performing a physical exam on the child
  • Giving the child any necessary updated vaccinations or immunizations
  • Tracking how your child is growing and asking about any developmental or behavioral issues that might be concerning to you
  • Talking about illness prevention, nutrition and physical fitness as well as health and safety issues for your child
  • Talking about how to handle emergencies and sudden illness

This is the best time to bring up any issues or illnesses you may have concerns about for your child’s health.

If you are wondering when your child may be due for their next well child exam, do not hesitate to reach out to our clinic. Our team will be more than happy to look up their past appointments, set up an appointment or even create a new file for your newborn and explain your child’s vaccination schedule. Make your child’s annual exam appointment with our doctors today at Family First Medical Group. We serve patients from Evergreen Park IL, Mokena IL, Hickory Hills IL, Oak Lawn IL, Chicago Ridge IL, Bridgeview IL, Bedford Park IL as well as many other areas in the Chicagoland Region.